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Swivl: FAQ

Where can I find my marker?

The marker is in the built in charging dock, behind the grip. 

How to pair Swivl base and marker?

There will be a solid red light on the Swivl marker and on the base next to the power button. Here are the simple steps to pair your Swivl marker to base:

1. Turn both the marker and base on by holding down the power button for two-three seconds
2. Press both buttons on the base at the same time. (No holding is required)
3. Quickly press and hold the check mark button and the power button on the marker. You should see the red light on the marker and the base flicker and then turn green after 2-3 seconds and then you can release the buttons. If it did not work, go back to step 2 and try to reduce time between step 2 & step 3.

Why is my base not tilting up and down?

  • It seems like your Auto tilt option is off. To turn it on you can go to the Settings tab on your Swivl Capture app and turn the Auto Tilt “On”/Green. In order to do that you need to make sure the mobile devices Bluetooth is “On” and connected to the Swivl unit.
  • Another way to work the tilt is with your marker: turn off your Auto tilt option and then, when marker is synced, hold the check mark button and then slowly move the marker up and down to tilt the Swivl base up or down respectively.
  • Another reason for your base to not tilt up and down is because the “disable tracking” under the Advanced tab of Swivl Capture app Settings is ‘On’, which you need to turn it ‘Off’.
  • It could be an issue with the internal machinery of the Swivl marker or the base.

How to use secondary marker?

As a backup marker, for use when the battery runs out on the primary marker:

1. Make sure the primary marker is off.
2. Pair the secondary marker using these instructions:
3. Keep one marker in the docking bay to charge while you’re using the other marker. To swap markers, turn on only the marker you want to use.

How do I make Swivl audio work with my video camera, DSLR, or computer?

Install Swivl Capture App on a mobile device, and pair it with Swivl (over Bluetooth). Once paired, you can find Audio Port setting under Advanced tab of your apps Settings, with 3 choices:

  • Mobile: iOS, most Android, Windows, and other mobile devices
  • Laptop: Computers, Laptops, Camcorders, DSLRs
  • Special: Some small set of older Android mobile devices

Audio port setting is recorded in Swivl and will be set until changed again through the app.

What can I do to help get better audio quality?

A few suggestions to get continuous and good audio quality:

  • Keep the Swivl minimum 5 feet and maximum 12 feet from the capturer.
  • Please turn of the WiFi on your mobile device when recording.
  • Please keep the Swivl away from other strong interference like internet routers or modems or electronics.
  • Please use the marker as the microphone.

Sources: @2013-2015 Swivl