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iPads available for teaching staff


The iPads are for educational use,
and are available for short term loan.

The iPads come with:
a keyboard cover, and cords to charge the iPad and keyboard.

Also available for loan are:
Lightning to VGA cables (for connection to a data projector) and Apple TV connections may also be available


TAFE Connects Series Sessions

TAFE Connects Series Sessions view these recorded Adobe Connect sessions at your leisure.
Enter your TAFE portal username and password to access.
iPad apps: Introduction
Session recording - iPads: introduction
iPad apps: Enriching the user experience
Overview of session: details here 
Session recording - iPad apps: Enriching the user experience
iPads for teaching and learning
Overview of session: details here 
Session recording - iPads for teaching and learning
iPad tips forum: details here , enter your TAFE  portal username and password to join the forum. Teachers share ideas and ask questions regarding the use of iPads in teaching.

Search Equella

Search Equella for tips and advice with using iPads in teaching.

Enter your TAFE portal username and password to access Equella.


Use 'iPad' or 'mobile technology' as your search terms

Does your section need a particular app?

Each College Library has an iTunes account which can be used to download apps.

Apps downloaded with this account can be loaded onto each of the ipads we own, so you can be sure it will be on any ipad you borrow.

Let us know what apps you are interested in.

Western Sydney eLearning Toolkit


Tech Guides - click here (see the guides listed on the left hand side of the page)

- Mobile Technologies one of many the useful guides - click here

ECommunities - click here

Mobile Learning -  this is a wonderful WSI Online course (Moodle) that does not require a key  to enrol - click here and enter your TAFE portal username and password. This self paced course includes;

  • Workshop your iPad
  • Mobile apps
  • Design for mobile learning
  • Develop learning activities
  • More ideas for activities
  • What is mobile friendly?
  • Create mobile content
  • Accessibility for disability
  • TAFE goes mobile helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Members receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials taught by teachers who are also working professionals.